Reviving the Iconic Womens 1960s Fashion

Step into the time machine and take a trip back to the swinging 60s when fashion was bold, daring and downright groovy! The 1960s was a decade of experimentation and freedom in all aspects of life, especially fashion. Women’s 1960s fashion was iconic, daring and represented a cultural shift. Today, we’re excited to revive this iconic fashion trend for the modern day woman. So let’s take a look at what made this era so special and how you can infuse it into your wardrobe today.

Reviving the Iconic Womens 1960s Fashion
Reviving the Iconic Womens 1960s Fashion

The 1960s Womens Fashion

The 1960s was an era that saw a significant change in women’s fashion. It was a time when women started wearing more liberating clothes that rejected traditional gender stereotypes. The fashion of the 1960s ultimately had a profound impact on modern fashion trends.

The Evolution of 1960s Womens Fashion

The early 1960s were still influenced by the conservative fashion trends of the 1950s. Women still wore dresses and skirts with nipped-in waistlines and full skirts, but the hemlines began to rise to above the knee. Later in the decade, the mini skirt became fashionable, and hemlines rose even higher to mid-thigh or shorter. Clothing became more fitted, and the A-line silhouette dominated. Bold patterns and graphic prints, such as stripes and polka dots, became popular in the mid-1960s. Clothing also became more geometric in its design. The mod fashion movement was born out of this trend. Mod fashion favored clean lines, bold geometric shapes, and minimalist designs. Accessories, such as the pillbox hat and go-go boots, also became popular.

The Impact of 1960s Womens Fashion on Modern Fashion

The 1960s marked a turning point in fashion. Women’s clothing became more liberating and less restrictive. The rise of mini skirts and pantsuits gave women the freedom to move more freely and participate in activities traditionally considered for men. The fashion industry began to showcase more diverse body types, reflecting the changing attitudes towards women’s roles in society. Today, the influence of 1960s fashion can still be seen in modern fashion trends. The A-line silhouette, graphic prints, and bold patterns continue to be popular. Designers continue to experiment with hemlines, creating shorter and longer versions of skirts and dresses. Accessories such as the pillbox hat and go-go boots have made comebacks on fashion runways.

Characteristics of 1960s Womens Fashion

The 1960s was a revolutionary period for fashion. Women’s clothing went through a series of transformations as hemlines went up and waistlines went down. This decade is known for its bold and rebellious styles that continue to inspire fashion trends today. Below are some of the most prominent characteristics of 1960s women’s fashion.


The miniskirt was one of the defining fashion pieces of the 1960s. Mary Quant is credited with creating the modern mini skirt which became popular with the youth of the decade. They were initially made to be 6-7 inches above the knee to allow for movement but soon became even shorter. Mini skirts were often paired with knee-high boots or go-go boots making the wearer look more fashionable and modern. Mini skirts showed off women’s legs and made them feel empowered.

Go-go boots

Go-go boots were also known as “lightning boots” because they were perfect for dancing in the discotheques of the era. These boots, which often came in white, were made for dancing and grooving to the music all night long. They were a must-have item and were often paired with miniskirts or other short dresses. Fashion icons like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot wore them, making them more popular among young women.

Bell-bottom pants

Bell-bottom pants were another notable style which emerged in the 1960s. They were usually made of denim fabric and tight-fitting until the knee before flaring out at the bottom. Bell-bottom pants were mainly worn by hippies or people who wanted to show off their rebellious side. They went well with shirts with paisley patterns and floral prints. Bell-bottom pants were comfortable, stylish, and quickly became a wardrobe staple.

Bold prints

The 1960s were all about bright colors, bold prints, and psychedelic designs. Prints such as paisleys, florals, and polka dots were found on everything from dresses to blouses to pants. These patterns were often complemented by contrasting colors such as black and white or bright yellows and oranges. Bold prints signaled a break from the subdued patterns of the past and embodied the free spirit of the decade.

Psychedelic color combinations

The late 1960s was an era of psychedelic colors. The fashion of the time was characterized by bright, bold and clashing color combinations such as bright red and orange or lime green and muted purple. This trend was reflected in the fashion of wearers, as well as in fashion advertisements. Psychedelic color combinations inspired by nature were all the rage, with designers incorporating them in everything from floral prints to optical illusions.

Tips for Reviving 1960s Womens Fashion

The 1960s was an era marked by forward-thinking fashion with bold colors, daring patterns, and sleek shapes. These iconic styles continue to inspire contemporary fashion with their timeless appeal. Here are some practical tips to help you revive and incorporate these vintage looks into your modern wardrobe:

Adding Modern Twists to Classic Styles

One of the most effective ways to breathe new life into vintage fashion is to add modern twists to classic styles. For example, pair an A-line mini skirt with a fitted turtleneck sweater in a bold, unexpected color combo such as rust and bright pink. Accessorize with a statement belt and some edgy, ankle boots to complete the look.

Another way to adapt classic 1960s styles is to mix and match patterns creatively. Experiment with bold animal prints and geometric patterns, mixing them together in a daring way. For example, wear a leopard-print A-line mini with a graphic black-and-white blouse and black tights. Add a pair of sleek ankle boots to tie it all together.


Accessories played an essential role in 1960s fashion, and they still do today. Retro-inspired eyewear such as cat-eye shades and oversized sunglasses is a perfect way to add a touch of classic 1960s style to your look.

Chunky, brightly-colored bangles and bracelets, oversized hoops earrings, and geometric necklaces were all hallmarks of 1960s style. Incorporating these statement pieces into your wardrobe can achieve that retro vibe you’re looking for. Try pairing a bold, chunky necklace with a sleek black turtleneck and high-waisted, wide-leg pants for a sophisticated yet stylish look.

Incorporating Vintage Pieces

Including genuine vintage pieces in your outfit is one sure way to add an authentic touch to your outfit. Look for vintage suede shoes, leather bags, and dresses from the 1960s era. Their unique cuts, prints, and fabrics can complement modern pieces effortlessly.

Accessing vintage pieces can be as easy as checking out thrift shops or online stores specializing in retro fashion. Plan to purchase pieces that fit your body correctly and condition as some vintage pieces may have signs of wear.

Must-Have 1960s Womens Fashion Items

Reviving the iconic women’s 1960s fashion doesn’t mean copying everything from that era entirely. It means taking inspiration from its unique and innovative styles and incorporating them into your modern wardrobe to give it a vintage touch.


The 1960s was an era of great social change, and this is well reflected in women’s fashion. The short, flirty and colorful dresses were the norm, and they were often paired with bold patterns, bright colors, and playful prints. Some of the must-have dresses from this decade include:

  • Shift dress: This loose-fitting dress was the most popular style of the time. It was simple and lacked a defined waist, which allowed women to move around freely.
  • Mini dress: The shorter the skirt, the better, and the mini dress was the perfect way to show off those legs. They were usually paired with opaque tights.
  • A-line dress: This dress is fitted at the top and flares out from the waist to the hemline forming the shape of “A.” It was a modest style and a popular choice for office wear.

To style a 1960s dress, bold patterns and prints were essential. Pair it with knee-high boots and opaque tights for a perfect look.

Suits and jackets

The 1960s saw women move towards a more practical and functional wardrobe. The suits and jackets were tailored and leaned towards a masculine style. Some of the must-have items from this era include:

  • Jacqueline Kennedy suit: This is a classic Chanel-style jacket and skirt suit made famous by Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady. It was stylish and elegant, and the perfect choice for any formal event.
  • Trench coat: This timeless piece of outerwear was popularized in the 1960s, and it remains a fashion staple today. It can be worn on top of any outfit to give it a sleek and chic look.

Pair a 1960s suit or jacket with kitten heels for a classy and sophisticated look that never goes out of style.


Footwear was an essential component of the 1960s fashion. Women wanted shoes that were stylish, comfortable, and could match any outfit. The following are must-have footwear from this era:

  • Go-go boots: These were knee-high boots that were usually worn with a short dress or skirt. They were made famous by Nancy Sinatra’s song “These Boots are Made for Walkin’.”
  • Kitten heels: These were low-heeled shoes that were easy to walk in and could be paired with any outfit.

Pair a 1960s footwear with a mini dress and opaque tights to give you a signature 1960s look.

Jewelry and Accessories

The jewelry and accessories of the 1960s were bold, colorful, and imaginative. They were used to add a pop of color to any outfit. Some of the must-have jewelry and accessories from this era include:

  • Bangles: These were wide bracelets that came in many different colors. It was considered fashionable to layer bangles on one arm.
  • Headscarf: This was a versatile accessory that could be worn in many different ways. It was used to tame hair, protect it from the sun or add to an outfit.
  • Hats: Hats were an important accessory in the 1960s fashion. They added elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Pair some colorful jewelry and accessories with an A-line dress and kitten heels for a feminine and classic look.

Famous 1960s Womens Fashion Icons

The fashion of the 1960s was all about breaking boundaries and exploring new styles. This decade was known for the emergence of many influential women who left a mark on the fashion industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic women’s fashion icons from the 1960s whose styles continue to inspire us today.


Twiggy, also known as Lesley Hornby, was one of the most famous models of the 1960s. She was known for her boyish figure and short hair, which were unconventional at that time. Her style was all about simplicity and ease. She was often seen wearing short dresses, mini skirts, and statement accessories. Twiggy’s style continues to inspire modern fashion trends, particularly in the areas of makeup and hair.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was not only a Hollywood icon but also a fashion icon of the 1960s. Her style was chic, sophisticated, and timeless. She was known for her love of elegant and classic clothing, such as little black dresses, trench coats, and ballerina flats. Audrey Hepburn was also famous for popularizing the cat-eye glasses, which have become a fashion staple from the 1960s.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was a French actress and singer whose style was all about femininity and glamour. Her signature look included off-the-shoulder blouses, high-waisted skirts, and bikinis. She was often seen wearing flowy dresses with statement accessories, such as big sunglasses and straw hats. Bardot’s style is still celebrated today, and her influence can be seen in many trends like the off-shoulder top.

Mary Quant

Mary Quant is a British fashion designer who played an essential role in the Mod and Youth fashion movements of the 1960s. She is known for designing bold, bright, and playful clothing, including miniskirts, hot pants, and tights. Her designs were all about rebellion and self-expression, which resonated with the young and trendy of the 1960s. Mary Quant’s bold and daring fashion sense continues to inspire fashion designers today.


Veruschka was a German model famous for her androgynous looks and unique style. She was known for her dramatic makeup and unique poses. Veruschka was one of the first models to break the conventional norms of modeling and fashion. Her style was all about exploring new boundaries and being bold and daring. Veruschka’s influences can be seen in today’s fashion trends and popular culture.

Reviving the Iconic Womens 1960s Fashion

The 1960s was a decade of great change, and the influence of that era can still be seen today in many aspects of our society, including fashion. The fashion of the 1960s was truly iconic, and women’s fashion played a huge role in shaping the culture of the time. From mini-skirts to go-go boots, the clothes of the 1960s were bold, colorful, and daring, and they represented a new way of thinking about fashion and femininity.

The Top 6 Trends of Womens 1960s Fashion

If you’re looking to revive the iconic womens 1960s fashion in your own wardrobe, here are the top six trends that you should consider:

  1. Mini-Skirts: The mini-skirt was one of the most iconic styles of the 1960s. It was daring, sexy, and showed off a woman’s legs like never before. Today, you can find mini-skirts in a variety of styles and fabrics, and they are still just as popular as they were in the ’60s.
  2. Go-Go Boots: Go-go boots were another iconic womens 1960s fashion trend. They were tall, white, and often worn with mini-skirts. Today, you can find go-go boots in a variety of colors and styles, and they are a great way to add a 60s-inspired touch to your wardrobe.
  3. Bell Bottoms: Bell bottoms were a staple of 1960s fashion, and they are still popular today. They are a great way to add a retro touch to your wardrobe, and they look great with a variety of different tops and shoes.
  4. Colorful Patterns: The fashion of the 1960s was all about bold, colorful patterns. From paisley to polka dots, the patterns of the 60s were anything but dull. Today, you can find a wide variety of colorful patterns in everything from dresses to pantsuits.
  5. Shift Dresses: Shift dresses were a popular style in the 1960s, and they are a great way to add a retro touch to your wardrobe. They are simple, elegant, and versatile, and they look great with everything from sandals to boots.
  6. Bouffant Hair: No look of the 1960s would be complete without bouffant hair. This iconic hairstyle was big, bold, and glamorous, and it represented a new way of thinking about beauty and femininity. Today, the bouffant is still a popular style, and it can be adapted to suit a variety of different hair types and lengths.

The Relevance of Womens 1960s Fashion Today

The fashion of the 1960s was truly iconic, and it continues to inspire designers and fashion lovers today. The bold, colorful styles of the 60s represented a new way of thinking about fashion and femininity, and they paved the way for many of the trends that we see today.

From the colorful patterns to the mini-skirts, the fashion of the 1960s was all about breaking free from tradition and embracing new ideas and styles.

Whether you’re looking to add a retro touch to your wardrobe or you simply appreciate the bold, daring styles of the 1960s, there is no denying the ongoing influence of womens 1960s fashion. By embracing the iconic styles of the past, we can create new and exciting looks that are both fashionable and timeless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
1. What is the iconic women’s 1960s fashion? The iconic women’s 1960s fashion was a revolution in women’s clothing. It was a blend of vibrancy, colors, and patterns with a pop art influence. The fashion from the 1960s was all about creating a unique statement and was inspired by artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
2. What were the popular clothes during the 1960s? The 1960s were known for introducing new fashion styles such as A-line dresses, mini-skirts, go-go boots, and bell bottoms. For women, it was all about experimenting with bold prints, bright colors, and new styles.
3. Can we still wear the 1960s fashion? Yes, the 1960s fashion is still relevant today, and many designers have revived the iconic style. You can still wear flared pants, mini-skirts, and A-line dresses with a modern twist, and incorporate it into your wardrobe.
4. Who are some famous fashion designers from the 1960s? Mary Quant, André Courrèges, and Yves Saint Laurent were some of the famous fashion designers from the 1960s who revolutionized women’s fashion with their unique designs and daring styles.
5. What accessories were popular in the 1960s fashion? Accessories like go-go boots, headbands, chunky jewelry, sunglasses, and statement bags were popular in the 1960s fashion.
6. How to style 1960s fashion in today’s era? To style the 1960s fashion today, you can incorporate A-line dresses, graphic prints, high boots, and bell bottoms into your wardrobe. You can also mix and match modern pieces with vintage styles to create a unique look that reflects the iconic 1960s fashion trend.

Revive the iconic women’s 1960s fashion trend

Thank you for reading about the revival of the iconic women’s fashion trend from the 1960s. We hope that this article has inspired you to experiment with bold prints, bright colors, and daring styles. With the right accessories and mix of modern pieces, you can create a unique 1960s-inspired look that is perfect for any occasion. Don’t forget to visit us again soon for more fashion tips and trends.

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