Revive the Classic 60s Fashion Womens Look Today

Are you tired of the same old fashion trends and looking for a new style to try? Why not revive the classic 60s fashion womens look today? The 60s were all about freedom, individuality, and breaking away from tradition. This era brought us iconic fashion staples that still inspire designers and fashion lovers today. From mini skirts and bold prints to mod dresses and statement accessories, the 60s had it all. Ready to take a trip down memory lane and add a touch of retro style to your wardrobe? Read on for some tips and inspiration!

Revive the Classic 60s Fashion Womens Look Today
Revive the Classic 60s Fashion Womens Look Today

The Rise of 60s Fashion Womens Look

The 60s was a time of cultural and social revolution in fashion. The post-war era was characterized by the desire for change and freedom. Women were no longer satisfied with traditional gender roles and began to demand more freedom and equality in society. The fashion industry became a reflection of this new wave of feminism, with designers exploring new silhouettes, fabrics, and colors.

The Influence of Iconic Fashion Figures

Iconic fashion figures played a key role in the rise of the 60s fashion womens look. Model and actress Twiggy became a style icon for her androgynous, boyish style, popularizing the mini-skirt and mod fashion. French fashion designer Coco Chanel continued to influence fashion from beyond the grave, with her signature Chanel suits and little black dress still being worn by women today.

Many other fashion designers of the time, like Ossie Clark, Mary Quant, and Biba, also helped shape the 60s fashion womens look. These designers were known for their use of bright colors, bold prints, and unconventional silhouettes.

The Influence of Movements

The 60s was a time of social and cultural movements that greatly impacted the fashion world. The civil rights movement, for example, led to a rise in afro-centric fashion and the popularity of African-inspired prints and patterns. The feminist movement encouraged women to embrace their femininity in new and bold ways, leading to a rise in female-oriented dress styles like miniskirts and hot pants.

The counterculture movement also influenced the 60s fashion womens look, with the hippie style emphasizing natural fabrics, bohemian patterns, and a more relaxed and casual approach to fashion.

Key Elements of 60s Fashion Womens Look

The 60s was a decade of transformation for women’s fashion. Out went the prim and proper look of the 50s and in came the mini skirts, bold prints, and psychedelic colors. Here, we will delve into the distinct key elements of the 60s fashion womens look.

Mini Skirts

The mini skirt is one of the most visible symbols of the 60s fashion womens look. This fashion piece was revolutionary at the time, as women had never shown that much skin before. Mary Quant is credited as the inventor of the mini skirt. She claims that she created this fashion piece because she wanted to make clothes that she would wear herself and that would be easy to run in. The mini skirt was made with a simple A-line shape and was usually no more than 10 inches in length. The mini skirt made women feel confident, free, and liberated. It was also a sign that women were a powerful force in society and wanted to break free from traditional constraints.

Bold Prints

Bold prints were a popular feature of 60s fashion womens look. This was a time when designers started to experiment with vibrant patterns, colors, and motifs. Paisley, floral patterns, and geometric shapes were all the rage. The designs were inspired by popular art movements such as Op-Art and Pop Art. The designs were featured not only on women’s clothing but also on home decor. The explosion of psychedelic patterns and colors was part of a cultural shift that celebrated freedom, experimentation, and youthful rebellion.

Psychedelic Colors

Psychedelic colors were another hallmark of the 60s fashion womens look. This period saw a shift away from muted and conservative colors of the 50s. Instead, there was an embrace of bold and bright hues such as neon pinks, acid yellows, and electric blues. The colors were often combined in interesting and unexpected combinations. This color explosion was not just limited to clothing but was reflected in the world of art, music, and pop culture. Psychedelic colors were an expression of the mood of the times, reflecting a spirit of experimentation, freedom, and youthful rebellion.

How to Incorporate 60s Fashion Womens Look Today

If you’re looking to add a touch of the iconic 60s fashion female style to your modern wardrobe, then you’re in luck! The great news is that it’s easy to incorporate 60s fashion into your outfits, as there are many versatile trends that are still relevant today. Here are some practical tips on how to make it work:

1. Less Is More

The classic 60s fashion look was all about simplicity, so remember to keep your outfits clean and uncluttered. You can start by embracing the minimalistic look and adding a few retro accessories to complete the overall look. A simple shift dress paired with a pair of knee-high boots is a timeless look that never goes out of style.

2. Choose Bold Colors and Patterns

The 60s fashion female look was all about bold hues and eye-catching patterns. Choose bold stripes, polka dots, and psychedelic prints to create a bold statement. If you’re more into solid colors, shades like mustard, olive, and burgundy were popular in the 60s and remain on-trend today. You can mix and match, but make sure to stick to a maximum of three colors at once to avoid a chaotic look.

3. Accessorize Smartly

Accessories can make or break a look, especially when it comes to 60s fashion. Go for block-heeled pumps, headbands, and sunglasses to add a retro touch to your outfit. You can also go for statement jewelry pieces, such as chunky beaded necklaces or chandelier earrings, to amp up your look. Choose lightweight scarves in bold patterns to complete your 60s fashion female look.

  • Straw Bags – Straw bags were a must-have accessory in the 60s. Opt for an oversized straw tote or basket bag to complete your look. You can even decorate it with silk scarves or pom-poms to make it more unique!
  • Hair Accessories – Headbands, hairclips, and scrunchies were all the rage in the 60s. Choose colorful, bold designs that make a statement.
  • Statement Sunglasses – 60s fashion was all about bold, statement-making sunglasses. Look for oversized styles with bold colors such as purple, green, and red.

Accessories to Complete Your 60s Fashion Womens Look

Aside from the iconic shift dresses and mini skirts, the 60s fashion for women is also known for the statement accessories. These pieces can make or break your overall look, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are the essential accessories to complete your 60s fashion womens look:

Bold Statement Jewelry

In the 60s, oversized jewelry was all the rage. Chunky bracelets, oversized hoop earrings, and multi-layered beaded necklaces were among the popular choices. These pieces were often made of colorful plastic, wood, or resin. To achieve the 60s look, choose bold statement jewelry that complements your outfit’s color scheme. You can also mix and match different pieces for a more eclectic vibe.

Structured Bags

The 60s fashion for women also introduced structured bags that were both stylish and practical. The top-handle bag, for instance, was a popular choice among working women. It had a boxy shape, a sturdy handle, and often came in bright colors like red and green. Another popular style was the shoulder bag, which was usually smaller in size and had a longer strap.

Groovy Hats

To complete your 60s fashion womens look, you can’t forget the groovy hats. The pillbox hat, which was famously worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was one of the most iconic hat styles of the 60s. It was a small, round hat that fit snugly on the head, often decorated with flowers or veils. Another popular style was the floppy hat, which was generally larger in size and had a more casual, bohemian vibe. It was often made of felt or wool, perfect for the cooler months.

Statement Shoes

Lastly, your 60s fashion womens look wouldn’t be complete without the right pair of shoes. The go-go boots, which had a knee-high length, was a popular choice among young women. It was often made of patent leather or vinyl and came in bright colors like white, red, or blue. Another popular style was the Mary Janes, which had a low heel and a strap across the instep. It was a versatile shoe that could be worn with both casual and formal outfits.

Celebrities Who Embrace 60s Fashion Womens Look Today

The fashion trends of the 60s continue to inspire us even today. Many celebrities have embraced the classic 60s fashion womens look and made it their own. From bold prints to mini dresses, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who are rocking the 60s fashion style.


The British singer has been known for her retro fashion looks. Adele is often seen wearing A-line dresses, which were popular in the 60s. She keeps her outfits simple with minimal accessories, letting the dress do all the talking. Adele’s looks are proof that the 60s fashion style can be chic yet simple.


Beyoncé has been spotted wearing many outfits inspired by the 60s fashion trends. The singer has worn psychedelic prints, flare pants, and bold colors that were popular in the 60s. Beyoncé’s outfits are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their look.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae’s style can be described as a fusion of classic and modern fashion style. She often mixes elements of the 60s fashion trends with a modern twist. The singer’s outfits are always well put-together with bold colors and patterns, making her look like a true fashion icon.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is known for her bold fashion choices and love for bright colors. She has worn many outfits inspired by the 60s fashion trends, with mini dresses being her go-to choice. Lupita’s outfits are perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their wardrobe.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has always been known for her preppy style, but she has also been seen wearing outfits inspired by the 60s fashion trends. From polka dots to A-line dresses, Taylor’s outfits are always on-trend and perfect for those who want to keep their look classic yet interesting.

Where to Shop for 60s Fashion Womens Look Today

If you’re looking to revive the classic 60s fashion womens look, you’ll need to know where to shop for the right pieces. Here’s a comprehensive list of online and offline stores to help you get started:

Vintage Boutiques

If you want to go all the way back to the source, vintage boutiques offer a great selection of authentic 60s clothing. Check out places like Retro Daisy Vintage or Blue Velvet Vintage for dresses, skirts, and accessories straight from the era.

Mainstream Retailers

If you’re not looking for authentic vintage pieces, mainstream retailers offer a variety of 60s-inspired clothing. For example, ModCloth offers a vast selection of retro dresses and separates, while ASOS has a dedicated “60s” category for its vintage-inspired pieces.

Online Marketplaces

If you’re looking for a variety of options at different price points, online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay can be great options. Browse through a wide range of vintage and vintage-inspired items from sellers all over the world.

Thrift Stores

If you’re on a budget, thrift stores can be a great option for finding unique 60s pieces. Search through the racks at your local thrift store to find items like bold prints, high-waisted pants, and colorful blouses that fit the 60s fashion aesthetic.

Department Stores

Finally, don’t discount major department stores when it comes to finding 60s-inspired fashion. Stores like J.C. Penney, Macy’s, and Nordstrom often carry retro-inspired clothing lines that can easily be incorporated into a 60s look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
How can I revive the classic 60s women’s fashion? You can start by incorporating some key pieces from the era such as mini skirts, shift dresses, and bold prints. Accessorize with large sunglasses, statement jewelry, and go-go boots for a complete look.
Can I wear 60s fashion for everyday occasions? Absolutely! You can incorporate 60s fashion into your everyday wardrobe by wearing a modern twist on the classic pieces or adding a few vintage accessories to your outfit.
What are some makeup trends from the 60s? The 60s makeup trends included bold winged eyeliner, pastel eyeshadow, and bright lipstick shades. You can recreate these looks with modern products or opt for a more subtle nod to the era with a bright pop of color on your lips.
Where can I find vintage 60s clothing? You can find vintage 60s clothing at vintage stores, thrift shops, and online marketplaces such as Etsy or eBay. Keep in mind that vintage clothing may require alterations or repairs before wearing.
How can I incorporate 60s fashion into my work wardrobe? You can incorporate 60s fashion into your work wardrobe by wearing a shift dress with a blazer or pairing a midi skirt with a turtleneck sweater. Opt for classic prints such as polka dots or plaid to add a touch of retro style.
Can men wear 60s fashion too? Absolutely! Men can incorporate 60s fashion into their wardrobe by wearing slim-fit suits, patterned shirts, and bold accessories such as sunglasses or neckties.

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