How to Rock Masculine Womens Fashion like a Boss

If you’re looking to rock masculine womens fashion, you’re in the right place. This fashion trend is all about wearing traditional menswear pieces with a feminine touch. Whether it’s wearing a classic blazer with a pretty skirt or a tailored suit with heels, it’s a versatile style that can be worn on any occasion. But pulling off the look can be tricky, so here are some tips to help you rock masculine womens fashion like a boss.

How to Rock Masculine Womens Fashion like a Boss
How to Rock Masculine Womens Fashion like a Boss

The Definition of Masculine Women’s Fashion

In today’s world, fashion has become increasingly gender fluid, with many women embracing a more masculine style in their wardrobes. Masculine women’s fashion is all about creating bold, powerful looks through the use of sleek, tailored clothing and statement accessories. This style can incorporate a range of different elements, from traditional menswear-inspired pieces to more contemporary and edgy styles.

Clothing Items

When it comes to feminine fashion, there are a lot of rules to follow in terms of cuts, colors, and fabrics. However, masculine fashion tends to be much more fluid and adaptable. There are a few key pieces that every woman can incorporate into her wardrobe to achieve a more masculine look, such as:

  • Blazers and Suit Jackets – A well-tailored blazer can add structure and polish to any outfit, and is a staple of masculine style. Pair a blazer with sleek trousers or even a pair of shorts for a more daring look.
  • Oversized and Structured Shirts – Oversized shirts are a popular staple of masculine fashion, and can be worn in a range of different ways. Pair an oversized shirt with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for a more casual look, or tuck it into a tailored skirt for a chic office look.
  • Sneakers and Loafers – Women’s shoes have traditionally been quite feminine, but there are now a range of sneakers, loafers, and lace-up boots available that can add an edgy, masculine touch to any outfit.

The General Aesthetic

While there are certain clothing items that can help to define masculine women’s fashion, there is also a broader aesthetic that can be incorporated into any outfit. This aesthetic is all about creating a sense of strength, power, and confidence through your clothing choices. Some ways to incorporate this aesthetic include:

  1. Playing with Structure – Masculine fashion tends to be much more structured and tailored than feminine fashion. Incorporate this sense of structure through well-tailored pieces, boxy silhouettes, and sharp lines.
  2. Playing with Texture – Masculine fashion often incorporates heavier fabrics like wool, denim, and leather. Don’t be afraid to incorporate these textures into your outfits for a more masculine edge.
  3. Playing with Accessories – Statement accessories can add an edgy, masculine touch to any outfit. Try incorporating bold, chunky watches, leather bracelets, or even a fedora into your look to create a sense of power and confidence.

Why Consider Masculine Women’s Fashion?

If you’re a woman who wants to venture out of traditional feminine fashion and into bolder style choices, masculine women’s fashion might be right for you. Here are a few reasons why incorporating masculine fashion into your wardrobe may be worth considering:

Personal Expression

One of the top reasons why women might incorporate masculine fashion into their wardrobe is the opportunity for personal expression. Women who opt for this fashion style are often making a statement about who they are, and what they value, as well as what styles make them feel comfortable and confident.

  • Wearing masculine clothing can be empowering and helps to express a desired image.
  • It gives a professional and polished look suitable for the workspace.
  • It also exudes a certain practicality and functionality that is often lacking in feminine clothing.

Making a Statement

Masculine fashion, when worn by a woman, is often considered unconventional. By incorporating it into one’s wardrobe, a woman is making a statement that she is not confined by societal gender norms and expectations. This statement might represent her view on equality, freedom of expression, or simply her desire to showcase her individuality. Regardless of the reason, it is a bold style choice to make and can garner appreciation and respect from others.

So, if you are seeking a style that pushes the boundaries and allows you to showcase your personal style, masculine women’s fashion is worth considering.

How to Incorporate Masculine Clothing into Your Style

If you’re looking to add some masculine clothing items to your wardrobe, there is a lot you can do. Masculine womenswear is all about making a statement and breaking the traditional gender norms. Here are some tips you can follow to incorporate masculine clothing into your style.

1. Start Slow

If you’re not used to wearing masculine clothing items, it’s best to start slow. Start by incorporating smaller, subtler items into your wardrobe, like a masculine watch or leather jacket, and then work your way up.

2. Mix and Match

Mixing and matching different clothing styles is a great way to create a unique look. Try combining a feminine blouse with a pair of masculine trousers or a men’s blazer with a feminine skirt. Experiment with different colors and fabrics to find a combination you’re comfortable with.

3. Play with Accessories

Accessories can be key in pulling off a masculine look. Try adding a tie, a hat, or a pair of suspenders to your outfit for a little bit of drama. You can also experiment with different shoes, like oxfords, loafers, or brogues to add a masculine touch to your wardrobe.

The key is to have fun with your fashion choices and find a style that reflects your personality. With these tips, you’ll be able to rock a masculine look like a boss.

How to Balance Feminine and Masculine Elements in Your Outfit

Do you want to rock the masculine women’s fashion trend like a boss? It’s all about balancing the right amount of feminine and masculine elements in your outfit. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

1. Play with Proportions

When mixing masculine and feminine pieces, play with proportions to create a balanced look. For instance, if you’re wearing baggy trousers, tuck in a fitted blouse to create a feminine silhouette. Similarly, if you’re wearing a flowy dress, add a belt to cinch your waist for a more structured look.

2. Mix and Match Textures

One way to avoid looking too masculine or too feminine is by mixing textures. You can pair a leather jacket with lace dress to balance out the edginess with a touch of femininity. You can also wear a tailored blazer with denim for a polished yet laid-back look.

3. Experiment with Colors

Colors can also help you achieve a balanced look. Try pairing a soft, pastel pink blouse with tailored black trousers for a perfect balance. Alternatively, you can go for a monochromatic look with different shades of the same color for a sophisticated yet fun look.

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Accessories can make or break an outfit, especially when you’re trying to balance feminine and masculine elements. For example, if you’re wearing a masculine suit, add feminine jewelry like pearl earrings or a delicate necklace. You can also add a scarf or a clutch bag for a pop of color or texture.

  • Scarves can be worn to soften up a look with their flowy and drapey nature.
  • Consider earrings and necklaces with curved lines and circles. This is because straight, hard-edged lines portray masculinity while curved lines and circles contain a soft, feminine element.

Remember, the key to rocking masculine women’s fashion is creating a balance between feminine and masculine elements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find what works best for you. By incorporating these tips, you’ll be sure to feel confident and stylish in your outfit!

Where to Shop for Masculine Women’s Clothing

When it comes to shopping for masculine women’s clothing, it can be tough to find options that fit your style and budget. Fortunately, there are a number of retailers and brands that offer clothing designed specifically for women looking to rock the masculine fashion look. Whether you’re in the market for high-end fashion items or affordable basics, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

1. High-End Designer Brands

If you’re looking to splurge on high-end designer items, there are a few brands that cater specifically to the masculine women’s fashion market. Brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci offer tailored suits and jackets that are both masculine and elegant. Of course, these brands come with a hefty price tag, but if you’re willing to invest in a few key pieces, they’re sure to make a statement.

2. Androgynous Brands

For those on a more modest budget, there are a number of androgynous brands that offer more wallet-friendly options. Brands like Wildfang and TomboyX offer a wide range of styles, from button-up shirts to classic blazers. These brands tend to be more inclusive, offering sizes that range from XXS to 4XL, making them a great choice for those who have a hard time finding clothes that fit them just right.

3. Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, thrift stores and vintage shops are a great place to start. Not only will you likely find items that are no longer available in stores, but you’ll also be able to snag them at a fraction of the cost. Plus, buying secondhand is an environmentally friendly choice, so you can feel good about your shopping habits.

4. Men’s Departments

Another great option is to shop in the men’s department. While some women may find this daunting, there are a number of benefits to shopping in this section. Men’s clothing tends to be more durable and less prone to fading, which means you’re more likely to get your money’s worth. Plus, the cuts are often boxier, which is perfect for achieving that masculine look. Just be sure to pay close attention to the sizing, as men’s clothing tends to run larger than women’s.

5. Online Retailers

Finally, there are a number of online retailers that cater specifically to the masculine women’s fashion market. These brands are great because they often offer a wider range of sizes and styles, and you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Some popular options include Wildfang, Kirrin Finch, and Proud Mary Fashion.

Whether you’re in the market for high-end designer items or more affordable pieces, there are a number of retailers and brands that offer masculine women’s clothing. By shopping around and trying on a variety of styles, you’re sure to find something that fits your unique style and personality. So don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new!

Celebrity Inspiration for Masculine Women’s Fashion

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to rock masculine womens fashion like a boss, look no further than your favorite celebrity icons. These women have fearlessly embraced masculine fashion in a variety of settings and events.

Red Carpet Looks

One notable celebrity who has brought masculine fashion to the red carpet is Evan Rachel Wood. Wood has rocked suits, tuxedos, and even a full-on velvet suit dress at various award shows. She proves that women can look just as stunning in masculine clothing as they can in traditional feminine dresses.

Another actress who has stunned in masculine red carpet looks is Emma Stone. Stone has opted for suits, blazers, and even a sequined jumpsuit at premieres and award shows. She adds her own feminine touch with statement jewelry and bold makeup.

Casual Streetwear

Celebrities have also been seen rocking masculine fashion in their day-to-day streetwear looks. Kristen Stewart has been known to sport masculine clothing items like oversized blazers and graphic tees paired with combat boots. She adds a touch of edge and grunge to her outfits with bold makeup and messy hair.

Bella Hadid has also been seen sporting masculine fashion in her streetwear looks. She has been spotted wearing baggy cargo pants, oversized denim jackets, and even a full-on suit paired with a crop top. She adds a touch of femininity to her looks with dainty jewelry and high heels.


If full-on masculine clothing feels too intimidating, try incorporating masculine accessories into your outfit. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne have been seen wearing bow ties, suspenders, and fedoras to add a touch of masculinity to their looks. These accessories can add interest to an otherwise plain outfit and show off your personal style preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
Can men wear women’s clothing? Yes, men can wear women’s clothing. In fact, fashion has no gender and it’s all about how you feel in the clothes.
What are some masculine women’s fashion staples? Some staples of masculine women’s fashion include blazers, button-down shirts, and loafers.
How do I know if a women’s clothing item will fit me? Always refer to the size chart before purchasing a women’s clothing item. It’s also helpful to read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same item.
Can I mix masculine and feminine fashion styles? Absolutely! Mixing masculine and feminine styles can create a unique and interesting look.
What accessories can I wear to complete a masculine women’s fashion outfit? Some great accessories to complete a masculine women’s fashion outfit include watches, belts, and hats.
What colors are popular in masculine women’s fashion? Neutral colors like black, gray, and white are popular in masculine women’s fashion. However, pops of color can also be used to add some personality to an outfit.

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