Discover the Best Womens Serengeti Fashions Online

If you’re looking for fashionable and comfortable clothing for women, Serengeti fashions are the way to go. For many years now, women have been enjoying the comfort and style of Serengeti clothing. And now, you can easily discover the best women’s Serengeti fashions online from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for dresses, blouses, or pants, the online marketplace is chocked full of options. There are many dependable online stores that sell Serengeti clothing, so you can be sure to find the perfect piece for any occasion, style, and size!

Discover the Best Womens Serengeti Fashions Online
Discover the Best Womens Serengeti Fashions Online

The History of Serengeti Fashions

Serengeti Fashions is a company that has been in the retail industry for over thirty years. Its journey began in 1988 as a small store in Texas that sold African clothing and accessories. The founders, Judith and Keith Cox, started the business with the mission to provide unique, high-quality items that couldn’t be found elsewhere. They sourced products from various African countries and established relationships with local artisans and vendors.

The Growth of Serengeti Fashions

From its humble beginnings, the business began to grow as customers appreciated the variety of products and the excellent customer service provided. Due to their popularity, the Coxes decided to expand their business and began to sell their merchandise through catalogs in 1991. People across the United States could now purchase African-inspired clothing and accessories from the comfort of their own home.

  • The Evolution of the Serengeti Catalog

Throughout the years, the Serengeti catalog grew in size and popularity. With each edition, the catalog introduced new products and expanded its offerings to include clothing for women of all sizes, jewelry, and housewares. By 2001, the catalog’s circulation had grown to over seven million copies.

  • The Serengeti Online Store

In 1999, Serengeti Fashions launched its online store, providing another way for customers to purchase the brand’s products. The website brought the company’s mission statement closer to fruition by offering greater convenience to shoppers worldwide.

Serengeti Fashions Today

Serengeti Fashions has come a long way since its inception. Today, it has established itself as a leading provider of African-inspired clothing and accessories. Serengeti Fashions’ products still reflect the founders’ mission to provide unique, high-quality items that can’t be found elsewhere. The company’s website features convenient shopping for customers, and the catalog continues to expand in size and popularity each year. Serengeti Fashions is a brand that is here to stay and will continue to provide quality products to customers for years to come.

The Benefits of Shopping for Womens Serengeti Fashions Online

Are you tired of fighting crowds in malls or searching endlessly through racks of clothing to find the perfect outfit? Are you looking for a more convenient and efficient way to shop for womens Serengeti fashions? Look no further than online shopping. Here are just a few of the many benefits of shopping for womens Serengeti fashions online:

1. Convenience

Online shopping allows you to purchase clothing from the comfort of your own home, at any time of the day or night. No more driving to malls or standing in long lines. With online shopping, you can quickly and easily browse through a wide selection of Serengeti fashions and purchase the items you want with just a few clicks of a button.

2. Cost Savings

Online shopping for womens Serengeti fashions can also save you money. Many online retailers offer lower prices than traditional brick-and-mortar stores because they have lower overhead costs. In addition, many online retailers offer free shipping or discounts for first-time shoppers, adding even more value to your purchase.

  • Plus, by shopping online, you can easily compare prices and styles across multiple retailers, ensuring you get the best deal on the items you want.
  • Another way to save money when shopping for womens Serengeti fashions online is by signing up for retailer email lists and loyalty programs, which often offer exclusive discounts and sales.

3. Wider Selection

When you shop for womens Serengeti fashions online, you have access to a wider selection of products than you would in a traditional store. Instead of being limited to the items on display, online shopping allows you to browse through the entire inventory of a retailer, giving you more options and a better chance of finding the perfect outfit.

Overall, shopping for womens Serengeti fashions online is a convenient, cost-effective, and efficient way to purchase the clothing you want. Give it a try and discover the benefits for yourself!

The Different Styles of Womens Serengeti Fashions

When it comes to womens Serengeti fashions, there are a variety of different styles available to suit any occasion. Whether you’re looking for comfortable and casual pieces, or something a little more dressy and chic, Serengeti has you covered.

Casual Styles

For days when you’re running errands or spending time with friends, Serengeti offers a range of comfortable and casual styles. Their selection of tops includes classic t-shirts, cozy sweatshirts, and relaxed blouses, all designed with both comfort and style in mind. Pair one of these tops with a pair of jeans or comfy leggings, and you’re ready to take on the day.

  • The Classic T-Shirt: A wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, Serengeti’s selection of t-shirts are both comfortable and stylish.
  • Cozy Sweatshirts: Perfect for lounging around the house or running errands, these sweatshirts offer both warmth and comfort.
  • Relaxed Blouses: With a range of prints and patterns, Serengeti’s blouses are perfect for dressing up or down.

Dressy Styles

When it’s time to dress up, Serengeti also offers a range of dressy styles that are perfect for special occasions. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a fancy dinner party, their collection of dresses, skirts, and blouses will leave you feeling elegant and sophisticated.

  1. Dresses: From flowing maxi dresses to sleek little black dresses, Serengeti’s selection of dresses are perfect for any formal occasion.
  2. Skirts: Their range of skirts offer both classic and trendy styles, perfect for pairing with a blouse or a sleek top.
  3. Blouses: Dress up a pair of pants or a skirt with one of Serengeti’s dressy blouses in a variety of colors and prints.

Chic Styles

Finally, for those who love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, Serengeti offers a range of chic styles that are sure to turn heads. From stylish jumpsuits to trendy jackets, their collection of chic styles will help you make a fashion statement.

Jumpsuits: Whether you prefer a classic solid color or a bold print, Serengeti’s jumpsuits will help you stand out from the crowd.
Jackets: From sleek leather jackets to trendy denim jackets, Serengeti’s collection offers a range of outerwear styles that are both chic and practical.
Accessories: Complete your look with Serengeti’s selection of scarves, hats, and jewelry, all designed to add that extra touch of style to your outfit.

Whether you’re looking for something casual and comfortable or dressy and chic, Serengeti offers a range of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

Sizing and Fit Guide

When shopping for Serengeti Fashions online, it’s important to find the right size and fit to ensure comfort and style. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect fit for tops, pants, dresses, or outerwear:

1. Take Accurate Measurements

Before you start shopping, take your accurate measurements to find your size. Use a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, and hips. You can also measure your inseam for pants. Compare your measurements with the size chart provided on the website to find the right size.

2. Pay Attention to Fabric and Style

When choosing your size and fit, pay attention to the fabric and style of the garment. Some fabrics like cotton or spandex may stretch over time, while others like polyester may not. Styles like loose fit, slim fit, or regular fit can also affect the overall fit of the garment. Make sure to read the product descriptions and reviews to get an idea of the fabric and style.

3. Consider Your Body Shape

Everybody is different, so it’s important to consider your body shape when choosing your size and fit. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, you might want to go a size up for bottoms to accommodate your hips. If you have an hourglass figure, you might want to choose a dress that cinches at the waist to accentuate your curves. Look for garments that flatter your body shape.

4. Try it On and Exchange if Needed

When you receive your Serengeti Fashions, try it on and walk around to make sure it fits comfortably and looks great. If you’re not satisfied with the fit, most online retailers accept returns or exchanges. Make sure to read the return policy before purchasing to ensure a hassle-free return or exchange.

Care Instructions

Womens Serengeti fashions are some of the best quality clothing pieces on the market, and it’s important to keep them looking great long after your initial purchase. Proper care for Serengeti fashions is simple and easy if you follow a few basic steps.


Before washing your Serengeti clothing, always check the label for any specific washing instructions. Generally, these pieces can be machine washed with like colors in cold water and on a delicate cycle. To prevent the clothing from becoming tangled, it’s best to wash it inside a mesh laundry bag. Never use bleach or fabric softeners on your Serengeti clothing, as these can damage the fabric over time.


After washing your Serengeti clothing, lay it flat to dry to prevent shrinking. Hanging it can sometimes stretch out the fabric, especially for heavier items like coats and jackets. Don’t put these pieces in the dryer, as the high heat can damage the fabric and alter the fit of the clothing.


If you find your Serengeti clothing has gotten a bit wrinkled, you can use a warm iron or steamer to smooth it out. Be sure to use a low or medium heat setting on your iron to avoid damaging the fabric. It’s always a good idea to test a small, inconspicuous area of the clothing before applying heat to the entire piece.


Proper storage of your Serengeti clothing is just as important as proper washing and drying. To prevent any wrinkles or damage to the fabric, it’s best to hang the clothing on a sturdy hanger in a cool, dry place. Avoid hanging heavy items like coats on flimsy wire hangers, as this can cause stretching and damage the garment over time. You can also fold these pieces in a drawer, but be sure to fold them properly to avoid creases.

By taking good care of your Serengeti fashions, you can ensure that they’ll look great and last for years to come.

Testimonials and Reviews

Shopping for clothing online can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where reading reviews and testimonials can be incredibly helpful. Here are some real experiences from customers who have shopped for and worn Serengeti Fashions.

Comfortable and Versatile Clothing

Many customers rave about how comfortable Serengeti Fashions clothing is to wear. The fabrics are breathable and easy to move in, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. Customers also love how versatile the clothing is, making it easy to dress up or down.

  • “I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the clothing was! I could easily wear it all day and not feel restricted or uncomfortable.” – Jane
  • “I love how versatile these clothes are. I can dress them up for special occasions or wear them casually on the weekends.” – Lisa

A Perfect Fit

Finding clothing that fits well can be a struggle, but many customers have found that Serengeti Fashions clothing fits true to size and is incredibly flattering.

  1. “I’m usually hesitant to buy clothing online, but the sizing was spot on. The clothes fit perfectly and were very flattering.” – Sarah
  2. “I have a hard time finding clothing that fits well, but everything I’ve bought from Serengeti Fashions has fit like a glove. I feel confident and comfortable in their clothing.” – Kristen

High-Quality Clothing

Customers consistently rave about the quality of Serengeti Fashions clothing. From the stitching to the fabrics, everything is well-made and built to last.

“The quality of Serengeti Fashions clothing is unbeatable. I’ve purchased clothing from other online retailers, but nothing compares to the craftsmanship of these clothes.” – Grace “I was blown away by the quality of the clothing. It’s clear that a lot of thought and care goes into every piece.” – Emily

“I highly recommend Serengeti Fashions for anyone looking for high-quality clothing that’s built to last. You won’t be disappointed!” – Maria

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
1. What types of Serengeti fashions are available for women? There are a variety of Serengeti fashions available for women, including dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and more!
2. Is this website trustworthy? Yes, this website is reputable and trusted by many shoppers.
3. Do they offer free shipping? Yes, there is free shipping available on orders over a certain amount. Check the website for details.
4. Can I return items if I am not satisfied? Yes, returns are accepted within a certain timeframe. Check the website for their return policy.
5. Do they offer plus sizes? Yes, there are plus sizes available for certain items. Check the website for size options.
6. Can I contact customer service if I have any questions? Yes, there are contact options available on the website for any inquiries or concerns.

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